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Account services

Strategic Brand Planning
Artifact will help you strategize for your brand and plan its future in the marketplace

Brand Positioning
Artifact will position your brand in the marketplace, making it visible to the right people in the right places

Sales Promotion and Support
Artifact aids in continuing patronage and sustainability of your business

Event Planning
Artifact is capable of planning events for multiple promotional platforms

Public Relations
Artifact will help maintain your public image and awareness in marketplace

Creative services

Broadcast Production Radio

Print Production
Magazine, Collateral, Outdoor & Direct Mail

Product Development
Creative Development, Art Direction & Copy Writing

Logo Design, Brand Packaging & Package Design

Graphic Development
Graphic Identity

Design Consulting
1st Consultation Free - In office/phone conferences charged per hour

Trade Show Booth Concepts
Conceptualization & Implementation

Concept Design
New Product, Store Interior

Look & Feel Displays

Promotional Materials

Website Design

3D Design


Web Development
Dynamic Flash Design, User Experience Design & Interface Design

Site Optimization
Advance Your Website Visibility

Social Media Optimization
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Improving Your Search Engine Visibility

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Increasing Your Internet Marketability

Dynamic Content Management Systems (CMS)

All interactive services include maintenance


Media and Marketing Research

Marketing Consulting
1st Consultation Free - In office/phone conferences charged per hour

Consumer Promotions

New Product Launches